th_8wlc9gThus it was on a very warm day in June 1968 at the age of 14 in a Salvation Army Church, in Haiti that Verel Montauban accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. From then on Brother Verel continued his walk with the Lord with an ever-increasing desire to bring more souls to the Lord. When he turned 18, Brother Verel joined the mission’s field, and began preaching the Gospel throughout Haiti. It was at the age of 23, while working in missions field in Haiti, that Brother Verel met a young woman (Sister Clarelle) who was also on fire for the Lord. They became close friends and Prayer Partners and they continued to work along side each other in the missions’ field. Sister Clarelle and Brother Verel labored together doing Street Ministry, Evangelizing and wining souls for the Lord where ever they went. They ministered to the poor and needy as well as making time to visit the sick and praying for those who had lost all hope and were in Hospices and Hospitals.

Rev. Verel Montauban is the founder and senior pastor of First Haitian Church of the Brethren in 1781 Flathbush Avenue Brooklyn, New York. Heeding the anointing and call by God to establish the Kingdom on earth focusing but not limiting to his homeland Haiti.
In 1982, was the start of the Lord’s out pour through preaching, teaching, and travels to different countries. During his ministry, Rev. Verel Montauban has planted churches, schools, also orphanages in both the Dominican Republic as well as Haiti. Since his arrival in the United States Rev. Montauban has encountered many American leaders from both a religious and governmental position who have embraced his vision for communities Haitian, American, Latino, of every race also creed thus launched the founding in 2010 of Haitian Family Resource Center (www.HFRC.org) also in 1783 Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn, New York. This establishment served as a helping force to assist more than 4,500 families of the great earthquake disaster in Haiti. Not restricted he has expanded these services in a Holistic manner spiritually, socially, and economically with immigration services, food stamps, Medicaid, computer classes, ESL, Family counseling, and referrals.


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